The Cider Lover’s Guide to Sipping Sophisticated Ciders With Your Friends

Are you the apple of your friends’ eyes when it comes to ciders? It’s a fate for those of us who have developed a palate preference for the zesty, sometimes spicy, often sweet, and always improving world of ciders. But why not step up your cider game from casual swigging to sophisticated sipping with friends? Here’s your cider social blueprint.

Hosting A ‘Cider-Tastic’ Event

Picture this: you’ve dusted off your biggest table, laid out some beautiful spreads of oaked ciders and crisp drinks, and invited over your closest pals for an evening that will be remembered as the Wassail of 2024. Hosting a cider-tasting is as much about the experience as the drink, and you want it to be top-notch. Here’s how to get it right.

Step 1 – The Ambiance

You’re not just serving a drink; you’re creating a mood. Think rustic chic meets modern minimalism. Rustic elements like hay bales and fall leaves with a modern twist on lighting for a social-media-worthy affair. Dim the ceiling fairy lights, light a few candles, and you’re set.

Step 2 – The Offerings

An array of ciders is the heart of your gathering. You’re like the curator of an art exhibition, carefully selecting pieces that offer contrast and yet flow together. Offer varying sweetness levels, and don’t shy away from artisanal or small-batch ciders. They’re gems you want your friends to cherish like you do. Shop ciders at Liquorland and choose a range of options.

Step 3 – Tasting Etiquette

Encourage your guests to pause before the first sip. Observe the colour, it’s like the introduction to a novel, giving away a bit of what’s to come. Then the aroma – it’s the teaser. And finally, the taste. A proper tasting does not necessitate a spittoon, but there should be comments exchanged, critiques voiced, stories shared.

Sourcing the Finest Ciders

Your local supermarket might do in a pinch, but the more adventurous you can be in sourcing your ciders, the broader the World of ciders you can introduce.

Seeking Diversity

It’s a sensorial exploratory mission, so pick ciders that range from traditional scrumpies to the more modern spiced blends. This is a tasting, after all, and a chance for your friends to expand their cider horizons.

Keeping It Fresh

No two ciders are the same, and the same can be said for their serving preferences. Serve drinks chilled to a crisp but keep them away from the frostbite; a slightly warmer picnic cider will suit the late afternoon light and savoury foods. Each cider has its stage, and the right temperature ensures they perform at their best.

By hosting a party that edu-trains, you’re doing more than sharing a few beverages; you’re educating your taste buds and, inevitably, deepening friendships. Cheers to you, the connoisseur of ciders and the creator of memorable moments. Your friends will thank you for being the legend of the group!

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