How to Play Lawyer in Identity V?

Even after losing the dishonored lawsuit, Freddy, the Lawyer IDV, still believes that the law can serve a purpose instead of permitting an act. Instead, the law is supposed to prevent one. Now, if you don’t have access to this character, you can choose IDV account for sale containing the lawyer to experience its abilities.

Moreover, you can get Identity V top up from U7BUY to purchase additional items for the lawyer to give it a standout appearance from the rest. To provide a better overview of how to play a lawyer in Identity V, we have written this complete guide to share his gameplay and traits with you.

Overview of the Lawyer IDV

Freddy Riley, who is also famous for being the “Lawyer” in Identity V, has a unique style and way of doing things in the game.

But if we look closely he is a man of slim build, his skin tone is mostly slightly fairy-like a doll and his behind resembles a doll with curly hair. His clothes rather look dirty, his primary clothes are a white collared shirt and purple trousers, A newspaper page protruding from his left chest pocket. Tears are observed on the right forearm and the waist area of the doll and appears that there is some type of stuffing, probably cotton. In his right hand, he tightens a thin, dirty paper map as if it were some kind of testament.

The IDV Lawyer is more like a decode-type character who can be acquired as a single default survivor awarded after completing the prologue. The lawyer’s most famous quote sounds pretty controversial, as mentioned below.

“Lend a helping hand for greater profit, not brotherhood.”

How to Play Lawyer in Identity V?

The IDV lawyer is more like a decode-type survivor in Identity V who has a map with him with some limited durability. This map allows the Lawyer IDV to see the outlines of the Hunter and his teammates. Moreover, he can find Cipher machines nearby. Once the Lawyer IDV  begins to decode, he gains speed by 1% for every 5% of his progression.

The IDV lawyer gains a bonus of 0.2% movement speed for every meter that he moves. Once he evaluates a new window, the lawyer IDV gains a speed of 1.5%, averaging a total increase of 12%. The lawyer can also use the map while evaluating to double speed.

What are the Traits of Lawyer IDV?

Here is the complete list of traits of the lawyer in the identity V that you should be familiar with.


Foresight is the lawyer’s ability to check the exit gates, survivors, and hunters. Moreover, it can also show the 3 closest cypher machines that have not been decoded yet. Since the lawyer IDV has better reading abilities, he can use the map 100% longer.


The IDV lawyer is immune to Terror Shock and is never shaken by it in any interactions. Perhaps since lies run through his veins, he is able to use this ability pretty well.


Veterans are comparatively more vigilant than the novices, earning them an additional 2s boost when they get it. Therefore, it gives you a better chance of using this ability prominently.

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